About Us

Relief Agency specialise in providing recruitment solutions for Sub Postmasters around the UK. We can provide part or full time work in one of our estate of 50+ branches. We provide cover from our extensive database of experienced Post Office counter clerks, all of which have been vetted by Post office Ltd ®.


We work hand in hand with Job Centre Plus to help us find the perfect candidates in order to cover your offices. This process is extremely fluent allowing us to increase our database at a rapid rate.

At Relief Agency, we make sure that all staff are experienced, reliable and dedicated towards sales to give our customers the best candidate to run their counters. 


Our Team

The Relief Agency team consists of highly dedicated professionals who thrive on delivering the best level of service. We have individual departments for queries, accounts and invoicing to make sure that all aspects of our service is delivered on time.

Our Goal

Relief Agency works closely with Sub Postmasters around the UK, providing cover at a competitive rate. Our aim is to provide an excellent service which makes finding staff as easy as possible. We achieve this by dedicating professionals to each of our clients making communication and problem solving much more efficient.