New Opportunities in January 2016


Relief Agency is proud to announce that we have been chosen by Post Office Ltd to help transform a number of new branches across the UK.

What does this mean?
As a result of this opportunity, we are looking to recruit 60 members of staff across the country to be part of this fantastic programme which will allow you to earn a reasonable income as well as gaining valuable experience in the Post Office industry.

What is involved?
This programme will consist of training new Post Office counter clerks on the Horzion System (front & back office), explaining the procedures of Conformance & Compliance (dangerous goods), training the staff on sales conversations and products. This process will be running over a period of approximately 3 months Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm.

We are looking for confident individuals who have working knowledge in the following areas:
• Full knowledge of the Horizon System (front & back office)
• Working knowledge of dangerous goods
• Good Microsoft Office Skills
• Knowledge of Sales conversations and financial products

Additional Information
All staff will have to be vetted and registered on the Relief Agency database in order to take part in this opportunity.

Work is available in the following areas:
Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Chester, Rhyl, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Newquay, Southampton, Hastings, Brighton, Epsom, Colchester and Ipswich.

If you are interested, please give us a call on 01204 535363 or apply online

Relief Staff Needed in Hull

There is an opportunity available for Relief Work in Hull City for an experienced Post Office Counter Clerk.

If you are interested, please apply now online or give us a call on 01204 535363.

Relief Worker Requirements

You will have GCSE Grade C or equivalent in Maths and English along with good keyboard and communication skills. You will be able to work fast and accurately in a busy environment and preferably have cash handling experience. Patience and a helpful manner are welcome attributes.

Customer service advisers assist with providing a wide range of services offered at main post offices. They may sometimes be known as post office counter clerks, or counter sales assistants.

Their duties include:

Selling stamps and dealing with letters and parcels
Payment of pensions and benefits
Banking and savings services
Accepting bill payments
Dealing with MVL transactions
Travel services such as checking passport applications and selling travel insurance and foreign currency.
All main post offices now have some form of retail activity attached to them, called a postshop and you may have to assist with this.

What’s the working environment like?

They may work either behind a transparent security screen or in an open plan office.

What does it take to become a Post Office Counter Clerk?

Be able to handle cash and information responsibly
Be good at mental and written arithmetic and use of a calculator
Have good keyboard skills
Have good communication skills, for understanding customer requirements and explaining services
Be able to work fast and accurately in what is often a very busy environment
Have a good memory for the many different forms and services
Be patient, helpful and be able to remain calm under pressure
Be prepared to promote and sell products to customers.


A full time opportunity is available in Rotherham for a one counter office.

Staff Must have at least 1 years experience in the Post Office and able to run the branch on their own.

Apply Online today or give us a call on 01204 53 53 63 (Option 3) !

Full Time Work Available

A full time position is available in Peterborough.

Wage starting at £400 a week ! apply online or give us a call on 01204 53 53 63.


Staff Needed in Peterborough

Post office work available in Peterborough.

Full time staff needed to cover one counter office as well as other Relief work opportunities.

Apply Online or give us a call on 01204 53 53 63.


Opportunities in Rhyl (Wales)

There are numerous opportunities for Post Office & Retail staff in North Wales (Rhyl).

Staff must have a minimum of 1 year experience in either Post Office or Retail.

Apply online or give us a call on 01204 53 53 63 (Option 3).

Opportunities in Birmingham

Counter Clerk & Retail positions available in Chelmsley Wood (Birmingham).

Staff must have at least 1+ years Post Office or Retail experience.

Apply Online or give us a call on 01204 53 53 63 (Option 3)!

Relief Work Available in Hull

Post Office Relief workers required in Hull City.

Main Duties include National Lottery and Pay Station.

(Please note that Post Office experience is essential)

Apply Online today! or for more information please give us a call on 07805 084 389.

Finding staff with Relief Agency

Lofindstaffoking for reliable staff is a daunting task, however with Relief Agency all our staff are vetted and checked by Post Office LTD to make sure that they provide the best possible service to all our Sub Postmasters.

Our department of security and conformance makes sure that all security procedures are followed by the Relief Staff as well as briefing our clients on how to make sure the cover runs smoothly.

In order for us to provide cover, it is important to give at least a weeks notice to find the best possible solution to your staffing problems.



Relief work available in Wylam (Newcastle)!

Apply Online today or give us a call on 01204 53 53 63 (Option 3).


Finding work with Relief Agency

Here are a few tips for giving you a better chance of finding work:

  1. Travelling a few extra miles will give you a better chance of finding work
  2. Having experience in the Post Office will give you more flexibility and the knowledge to work in any given area
  3. Retail experience is always handy as many Post offices have a retail counter
  4. Keeping on top of updates, phone calls and messages from Relief Agency. If you do not respond to us, we can not give you work!
  5. Spread the word in your local areas and notify sub postmasters about Relief Agency.
  6. Make a few sales to make an impression whenever you are working for Relief Agency. This will increase your confidence and boost your profile.

We have found that these 6 points are crucial for a new starter to become a regular point of contact with Relief Agency.