New Opportunities in January 2016


Relief Agency is proud to announce that we have been chosen by Post Office Ltd to help transform a number of new branches across the UK.

What does this mean?
As a result of this opportunity, we are looking to recruit 60 members of staff across the country to be part of this fantastic programme which will allow you to earn a reasonable income as well as gaining valuable experience in the Post Office industry.

What is involved?
This programme will consist of training new Post Office counter clerks on the Horzion System (front & back office), explaining the procedures of Conformance & Compliance (dangerous goods), training the staff on sales conversations and products. This process will be running over a period of approximately 3 months Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm.

We are looking for confident individuals who have working knowledge in the following areas:
• Full knowledge of the Horizon System (front & back office)
• Working knowledge of dangerous goods
• Good Microsoft Office Skills
• Knowledge of Sales conversations and financial products

Additional Information
All staff will have to be vetted and registered on the Relief Agency database in order to take part in this opportunity.

Work is available in the following areas:
Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Chester, Rhyl, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Newquay, Southampton, Hastings, Brighton, Epsom, Colchester and Ipswich.

If you are interested, please give us a call on 01204 535363 or apply online